News Release

            Jul.  Veggie Tofu Nuggets Export start.   
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets are Japanese traditional healthy food.
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets are made with proprietary technology
                    to remove egg whites and flour.
                    The feature are Meat-free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO.
                    All our products use Non-GMO soybeans.
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets can be widwly used in Japanese cuisine,
                    Chinese cuisine, Turkish cuisine, French cuisine, Italian cuisine and so on.
           Sep. New York Restaurant Expo 2016 in New York.   
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets are the first sale in the United States.
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets has been recognised as a healthy food ingredient.

           Oct.  Food Japan 2016 in Singapore.   

            Mar. JETRO exhibition in Los Angeles.   
                    We have started engagement with many vegan restaurants and
                    vegetarian restaurants.

            May.Shanghai Kokubu exhibition in Shanghai.   
                    Interest in health increased in China

            Jun. Vegan Street Fair in New York.   
                    Veggie Tofu Nuggets were served with four kind of sauce;
                    avocado, vegan cheese, tartar and tomato.
                    Also offered as Green curry.
                    1700 pieces of Veggie Tofu Nuggets were sold out within hours.

            Jul.  Hokkoku bank exhibition in Singapore.   

          Sep.  New York Restaurant Expo 2017 in New York.   
                    Published in "Weekly NY life" and "Daily sun"

                    Los Angeles Restaurant Expo 2017 in Los Angeles.   

          Oct.   Food Japan 2017 in Singapore.   
                    Published in "JIJI News Bulletin"

         Nov.    Hong Kong buyer business meeting organized by Ishikawa Prefecture   
                    Published in "Hokkoku Newspaper"