What is Veggie Tofu Nugget?


Veggie Tofu Nugget is a processed food made of tofu.  We mash tofu and mix it with sliced vegetables.  Then we make it into a ball and fry it with vegetable oil.  We call it Veggie Tofu Nugget.

History of Veggie Tofu Nugget


Veggie Tofu Nugget has 700 years of history.  Buddhism was introduced to Japan in the early 6th century.  Buddhist teachings prohibited the killing of animals and as a result, Buddhist monks did not eat meat in those days.  They supplemented protein with soybeans.  In 14th century, shojin ryori, the Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, had developed and  consequently they began to eat deep-fried tofu as a substitute for chicken meat.  This is the beginning of Veggie Tofu Nugget.



   Our products are ideal food for health-conscious people.

1.   Gluten-free
      Tofu is naturally gluten-free and is ideal for people allergic to gluten.

2.   GMO-free
      All our products are made from carefully selected high-quality non-GMO                            soybeans.

  3.   Meat-free
           Tofu is an important source of protein and an attractive option as a meat                                 substitute  for not only vegetarians  and vegans but also health-conscious people. 

    The following are our main products. 

   <Veggie Tofu Nugget with Green Soybeans >

      Many green soybeans are included in the nugget (about 30% of the total).
      You can enjoy a soft texture of green soybeans.

<Veggie Tofu Nugget with Lotus Roots>

Many lotus roots are included in the nugget (about 30% of the total).
You can enjoy a crunchy texture of lotus roots.


Characteristic of Tofu.
1.Tofu provides overall nutrient benefits. 
2.Tofu is rich in high quality vegetable  proteins.
3.Tofu contains isoflavones,well known anti oxidents.
4.Tofu increases amount of calcium.
5.Tofu's amino acids burn body fat.
6.Tofu's fat helps reduce cholesterol.
7.Tofu is rich in vitamins and minerals.
8.Tofu supports body balance.